About Dr. Ayo Maria Gooden

Dr. Ayo Maria Casey Gooden is a Licensed Psychologist and a Board Certified African Centered/Black Psychologist (ABPBC), Diplomate and Fellow. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Ayo Maria Casey Gooden focuses on "wellness" instead of "illness" in her practice. She values the specific cultural and ethnic background of individuals and incorporates this information into her therapy and consulting. More about Dr. Ayo Gooden...

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Therapy and Counseling

Although Dr. Ayo primarily practices using cognitive behavioral therapy, she uses a culturally specific approach to therapy. Based on many years of experience, she knows that one approach will not fit all people. It is with special care and consideration that Dr. Ayo examines the specific needs of each service request from the unique ethnic, cultural, and personal perspective of the person requesting services. Learn more about her approach to counseling...


In addition to providing therapy, Dr. Ayo is a consultant, program evaluator, speaker, researcher, grant writer, and author.

"Knowledge is like a garden, if it is not cultivated it cannot be harvested."

Sesa Wo Suban

"Change or transform your character"
A symbol of life transformation.

This symbol combines two separate adinkra symbols, the "Morning Star" which can mean a new start to the day, placed inside the wheel, representing rotation or independent movement.

Media Production & Consulting

Dr. Ayo is especially interested in creating healthy cultural self-concepts and images using fun educational methods through video and films. Learn more...

Therapy Services

  • Individuals, couples, families, and groups
  • Grief, depression, trauma recovery
  • Cultural/Ethnic issues
  • Improving Motivation and Performance
  • Personal Life Coaching
  • Relationship Loss/Divorce Recovery

Overview of Services

  • Individual, Couple, Family and Group Psychotherapy/Counseling
  • Educational Consultations
  • Insurance investigations
  • Forensic consultations
  • Consultation Services for Employers
  • Training for Government Employees
  • Teacher Training
  • Film, Video and Radio Production Consultations
  • Grant Writing
  • Multi-cultural Training and Assessments

Ayo Maria Gooden, Ph.D. ABPBC
Board Certified African Centered/Black Psychologist
Diplomate & Fellow
Most Insurances Accepted

About Dr. Ayo Gooden

Contact Information

Dr. Ayo Maria Gooden
P.O. Box 623
Westtown, PA 19395-0623

Tel: 610-453-2849